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T-Mobile activated its nationwide 5G network on Monday that covers up to 200 million Americans in over 5,000 towns.
So far, T-Mobile’s 5G network is the most expansive and inclusive compared to other carriers’ 5G networks, which only cover parts of certain cities.
You can check whether you’re in a T-Mobile 5G coverage zone with the carrier’s 5G coverage map.
T-Mobile only offers two 5G-capable smartphones so far, but the selection will surely expand in 2020.
T-Mobile’s nationwide 5G coverage uses spectrum with greater range, but the trade-off is slower speeds than the ultra-fast gigabit speeds often associated with 5G networks.
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T-Mobile announced on Monday the activation of its new nationwide 5G mobile network that gives coverage to 200 million Americans.

The carrier said that its new 5G network covers 60% of the US population across 1 million square miles in over 5,000 towns. You can check whether T-Mobile covers your town or area with 5G with the carrier’s 5G coverage map. The areas with dark magenta are T-Mobile’s 5G coverage zones, and the lighter magenta area are the carrier’s 4G LTE coverage zones.

T-Mobile’s 5G network is more expansive and inclusive than …read more

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