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Virgil Griffith, a programmer who worked on the cryptocurrency Ethereum, was arrested on Friday after federal prosecutors claimed he gave a talk at a blockchain and crypto conference in Pyongyang, North Korea.
The Ethereum community leaped to Griffith’s defence, arguing that any information he handed over was already in the public domain.
But East Asian cybersecurity expert Priscilla Moriuchi said the presence of a US cryptocurrency expert would have been valuable to North Korea. “Any interaction with a daily developer and user of cryptocurrency is likely to be valuable to North Koreans,” she said.
Griffith has been released from prison is awaiting trial, and his lawyer described the allegations as “untested.”
The North Korean regime brutally oversees a starving populace, and is thought to be hoarding stolen cryptocurrency to fund the development of nuclear weapons.
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It turns out visiting the rogue state of North Korea as an American citizen and giving it any sort of technical advice is probably a bad idea.

Cryptocurrency expert Virgil Griffith was arrested on Friday for allegedly doing exactly that, with federal prosecutors saying that Griffith spoke at a blockchain and cryptocurrency conference in Pyongyang, North Korea.

In a statement announcing his arrest, the …read more

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