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You can turn off voice control on your iPhone by disabling it outright, or replacing it with Siri.
Voice control is a useful feature that lets you compose texts, turn on music, and more using your iPhone’s microphone.
The way you turn off voice control on your iPhone will depend on what iPhone model you have: an iPhone 8 Plus and earlier, or an iPhone X and later.
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Voice control technology has helped to make life — especially the business and other tasks we conduct on our phones — a lot easier.

From helping you compose emails and texts hands-free to calling people on your contact list or even asking Siri for directions while out and about, the feature can make getting things done on-the-go faster, simpler, and much more convenient.

However, not everyone is fond of voice control or finds it useful. Should you be in the latter group, disabling voice control on your iPhone is a simple process that can be completed in just a few clicks.

The process differs slightly depending on if you have an iPhone X and later model, or an iPhone 8 …read more

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