It is estimated that the global SaaS and IaaS industry will be worth over $130 billion by next year. In the wake of the success of companies such as Salesforce, the industry has now evolved to the point where vendors and suppliers manage their own software and no installation is required (software is distributed via the cloud).

This SaaS-based cloud services model offers businesses significant efficiencies and cost savings and relies on cloud delivery at scale. Perhaps the most recent influential factors to impact SaaS businesses, and will likely continue to be, are Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) respectively – they are set to become fundamental constituents of the SaaS landscape.

Personalized services

A key area where AI is driving Saas businesses involves the concept of personalized services. Natural Language Processing and machine learning have allowed SaaS companies to advance personalization massively – for example, user interfaces can be customized based on the customer’s history and how they’ve previously used the platform.

Without personalization, these interfaces can be a cacophony of options and redundancy. Correctly utilizing user data allows SaaS companies to set up interfaces to be highly personalized. Consumers …read more

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