It’s been 24 hours since players discovered the secret quest Bungie slipped into the weekly update and no one has figured out how to complete it. At the time of writing this, players are diligently working to crack the puzzle hidden within Destiny 2’s Corridors of Time on Mercury. Originally believed to just be a simple matter of following a sequence of symbols that appeared on the obelisks every hour, this quest has become so much more.

Upon completing all 19 Corridors of Time codes, streamers like Gladd, Datto, SayNoToRage, Sweatcicle, and others discovered there was a second part to this quest. Now players are trying to essentially fill in a massive puzzle using the symbols found on the floor at the end of each sequence. The results of figuring all this out are complete and utter madness that kept the community working throughout the night.

Just look at this screencap of a spreadsheet used to decipher this puzzle from Gladd’s stream.

The idea is that by connecting the various collection of symbols, a path will form that players can traverse. Since each of the 19 floors has a central symbol in their cluster, the running theory is these are what you’d follow …read more

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