With distributed workforces all the rage in the tech community these days, startups are trying to build new tools to keep those teams connected and communicating in the ways that make folks most comfortable.

One of these companies is the Orlando, Fla.-based startup, Yac, which just raised $1.5 million in financing from a clutch of investors to reinvent voicemail for teams raised on Slack and Zoom calls.

The rise of the digital, distributed workforce is a phenomenon that’s on the rise and the increasing number of remote workers shows no sign of slacking. Indeed, new statistics indicate that 3% of Americans are working from home full time these days.

Number of Americans working from home fulltime has nearly tripled over past 20 years, and trend is accelerating pic.twitter.com/VE2XS9VM4b

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These remote workforces can reduce costs for both young and mature companies alike, but they come with certain tradeoffs and can make communication and collaboration more difficult, according to Yac co-founder Justin Mitchell.

He points to the problems with communication and culture at Away, which contributed to the ouster of that company’s chief executive (who was later re-hired).

Yac addresses the issue of providing verbal …read more

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