Education has been important to Intel for much of our 50 year history and remains so as the pace of technological innovation continues to accelerate. The need to close the digital skills gap and ensure that the next generation is ready for Industry 4.0 keeps education as a priority for us.

There are a number of opportunities within the sector, Edtech includes everything from interactive whiteboards to virtual reality, and one technology increasingly referenced within the education community is AI. We’re also seeing a growing trend of education sector members engaging with eSports. It’s important that the technology & education communities increasingly collaborate to allow exploration of these emerging areas and their potential to support teaching and online learning, but also grow skills and workplace readiness.

What particular challenges do you face when dealing with the education sector? And how do you go about solving these challenges?

We see so many wonderful examples of innovation in schools and the way that they creatively use technology helps achieve some fantastic, impactful results. The challenge can sometimes be replicating that across other schools. If one school achieves something brilliant, we have to ask ourselves: ‘How …read more

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