We’re already entering into a healthcare crisis due to the global coronavirus pandemic, and creative solutions to address shortfalls in supplies, protective equipment and more are being developed to help where possible. A new startup, with a founding team including an emergency room doctor, a crisis response expert and a public health researcher is hoping that its novel approach can help address the impending lack of space that hospitals and health care facilities will encounter.

Jupe is a brand new venture launching today that has developed rapidly-deployable ‘Health’ rest, recovery and intensive care shelters for use in combatting the ongoing global COVID-19 crises. The company says that its mobile spaces can be produced at around 1/30th the cost of a standard hospital room, and shipped anywhere using existing logistics infrastructure.

The Jupe mobile shelters come in three distinct versions, including a Rest unit equipped with beds for providing medical professionals working on the front lines with a place to rest and sleep; a Care version that includes an off-grid solar power/battery-powered solution for isolation of patients who don’t require critical care; and a Plus option that is essentially a self-contained ICU for those patients that require critical care, …read more

Source:: TechCrunch – Startups


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