valorant release summer 2020

Fresh of the reveal of Valorant, the upcoming first-person shooter by Riot Games, who is perhaps best known as being the developer of the smash-hit MOBA League of Legends.

For many players, it looks like a nice blend of the quick-paced action of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive mixed with hero-based gameplay of Overwatch. It seems increasingly likely that Riot Games has a major hit on their hands.

In the leadup to the launch this summer, they dropped the curtain on one of the new agents and revealed their abilities.

This character is named Sage and she will fit firmly into a support role, coming equipped with one ability that heals and one that can revive a dead player with full health.

Let’s take a close look at this new character.

All of Sage’s Abilities

Riot GamesValorant is coming to PC later this year.

As part of the reveal, Riot revealed the four different abilities this character will have, and they also gave a short blurb of what she can offer to her team.

“Sage creates safety for herself and her team wherever she goes,” Riot says. “Able to revive fallen friends and stave off forceful assault,s she provides a calm center to a hellish battlefield.”

As for her …read more

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