By Matt Rivers and Natalie Gallon | CNN

The governor of the central Mexican state of Puebla told reporters Wednesday that poor people “are immune” from the coronavirus.

During his remarks, which broadcast live on YouTube and Facebook, Gov. Luis Miguel Barbosa posed a question, asking reporters which people were infected at the moment.

“The majority are wealthy people, you know,” he said, answering his own question. “If you’re rich you’re at risk, but if you’re poor, no, well us poor, we are immune.”

There is no scientific evidence to suggest the virus effects people differently due to economic status. His remarks sparked an uproar on social media, with many questioning why a government official would spread information that has no basis in fact.

Barbosa noted that many of those who contracted the virus had recently traveled, suggesting a link between wealth and travel. Of Mexico’s 475 confirmed cases so far, about 75% were connected to international travel, according to federal health statistics. As of Thursday afternoon, 44 people had tested positive for the virus in Puebla.

Asked about the remarks at a Thursday press conference, Barbosa refused to comment.

Mexico’s president, Andrés Manuel López Obrador, has also drawn criticism recently for what critics call his dismissive …read more

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