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Japanese telecommunications company NTT is pouring $230 million into new Silicon Valley research labs, set to open this summer.
One health-focused lab is working on a “digital twin” project that would create a virtual version of a person that doctors could try experimental treatments on.
The labs were announced with a short film by Steven Spielberg’s cinematographer showing the vision of the digital twin.
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In a high-budget, longterm, futuristic project almost unimaginable in the COVID-19 recession era, Japanese tech giant NTT has announced new labs in Silicon Valley where it will build hyper-realistic digital twins of people for medical research.

The concept of “digital twins” — exact digital replicas of something that exists in the physical world for research purposes — has been applied broadly across industries. For example, in aeronautics, companies create virtual versions of massive engines that are hugely expensive to build in real life so that they can thoroughly test them at a fraction of the cost of continual development of a physical engine. While digital twins are common in industrial research, the development of human digital twins …read more

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