What’s your guiltiest secret pleasure? For me, it’s that I enjoy 2016’s Batman Vs Superman. Just to be clear, I don’t think it’s a good movie. But it was the quintessential 2016 superhero film, to me: a furious, bloated, violent mess that somehow mirrored my overall sentiments about a politically turbulent year.

Captain America: Civil War, released at a similar time and exploring a similar theme of superheroes and collateral damage, was far better. But director Zack Snyder made the sort of film you’d never see in the MCU: a self-indulgent, far-too-long and tonally wonky picture that doesn’t have any of the fun bits you should probably put in a superhero movie.

It’s such an angry film: people are angry at Superman for the destruction of Metropolis. Superman is angry at Batman for violently attacking criminals. Batman is angry at Superman because he blames him for the death of his employees. Lex Luthor is angry at Superman because he’s a jealous billionaire with nothing better to do. Batman Vs Superman has this intensifying rage over its first two acts, before the movie takes a total left-turn and becomes a big monster fight at the end.

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