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“There was no sense of ‘Team America’ in the conversations…It was like the United States had disappeared. It was always ‘Just me’.” — an anonymous Trump administration official, describing Trump’s phone calls with foreign leaders, according to a CNN report.


The European Union officially banned US visitors. American citizens are barred until the US controls its COVID-19 outbreak, as are citizens from most of the world, including Brazil and Russia,
China imposed a sweeping, draconian new security law on Hong Kong. The text of the law is still secret, but it clearly will give China the power to punish and imprison protesters, perhaps even retroactively. Hong Kong democracy activists are already resigning from organizations and erasing social media accounts.
The president was briefed on Russian/Taliban bounty killings. According to news reports, his daily briefing in February described the Russian sabotage campaign, but White House officials deny he was told about it.
Trump’s phone calls with world leaders are “delusional.” A devastating CNN article cites Trump’s own staffers describing how the President fails to prepare for calls, gets …read more

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