Facebook has banned a network of hundreds of Facebook accounts, groups, and pages associated with the far-right “boogaloo” movement from its platform.
In a statement, Facebook called the network a “violent” and “dangerous organization.” It said the specific network of hundreds of groups and accounts it banned on its platform was distinct from the broader amorphous boogaloo movement because the former “actively seeks to commit violence.”
The social media giant said it removed 220 Facebook accounts, 95 Instagram accounts, 28 pages, and 106 groups linked to the boogaloo network it identified from its platform.
Multiple people associated with the extremist movement have been arrested on murder and domestic terrorism charges this month and in the wake of nationwide protests against police brutality.
The FBI, Department of Homeland Security, and other agencies have also circulated a number of intelligence assessments warning of individuals linked to the boogaloo movement inciting violence during the protests to start a second civil war.
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Facebook on Tuesday announced that it was banning a network of Facebook accounts, groups, and pages associated with the far-right, anti-government “boogaloo” movement from its platform, calling it a “violent” and “dangerous organization.”

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