Q-CTRL and Quantum Machines, two of the better-known startups in the quantum control ecosystem, today announced a new partnership that will see Quantum Machines integrate Q-CTRL‘s quantum firmware into Quantum Machines’ Quantum Orchestration hardware and software solution.

Building quantum computers takes so much specialized knowledge that it’s no surprise that we are now seeing some of the best-of-breed startups cooperate — and that’s pretty much why these two companies are now working together and why we’ll likely see more of these collaborations over time.

“The motivation [for quantum computing] is this immense computational power that we could get from quantum computers and while it exists, we didn’t make it happen yet. We don’t have full-fledged quantum computers yet,” Itamar Sivan, the co-founder and CEO of Quantum Machines, told me.

Image Credits: Quantum Machines

For the longest time, the focus was on fundamental challenges, like building a processor, expanding the lifetimes of qubits, building the classical control hardware and software, etc. But the real challenge is bringing all of this together.

“It’s a multi-layer, multidisciplinary challenge — an extremely complex challenge — that practically requires highly focused and highly specialized themes …read more

Source:: TechCrunch


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