Washington’s recent spate of devastating wildfires harkens back to 2018’s prolonged smokey haze in Seattle, as captured here over Puget Sound. (Kurt Schlosser / GeekWire)

Portland-based nonprofit VertueLab launched its $5 million Climate Impact Fund on Wednesday to support early stage, clean tech entrepreneurs focused on addressing climate change causes and moving to a carbon-free economy. The fund has raised $525,000 so far and is accepting applications from startups seeking capital.

Anyone can give to the fund, and while it supports for-profit enterprises, donations are tax deductible.

New technologies for reducing carbon emissions and removing warming pollutants from the atmosphere are essential for combating the climate crisis, which is linked to the current plague of wildfires and other extreme weather events.

But the sector faces it’s own challenges. Clean tech startups can be slower moving as their innovations often include hardware and their prototype process can take longer, particularly if it involves biological or chemical processes. It can be more expensive to build and test the technology, compared to software-based enterprises.

Ken Vaughn, VertueLab’s director of Impact Investments. (VertueLab Photo)

The Climate Impact Fund aims to get entrepreneurs past the “valley of death” that stalks the earliest stage clean tech startups. It’s providing …read more

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