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Samsung’s $399.99 Galaxy Watch 3 is the company’s flagship smartwatch with the most advanced features and hardware inside.
Among its advanced features is a blood-oxygen (SpO2), an electrocardiogram sensor, and advanced sleep and stress tracking.
After trying the Galaxy Watch 3, I can’t say these advanced functions incite much confidence, nor are they intuitive or all that useful.
Most people seeking a smartwatch for fitness tracking should have a longer look at the cheaper $229.99 Samsung Galaxy Active 2, which comes with the same core features as the Watch 3 that are frankly more useful than the current iteration of the advanced features.

Samsung’s latest Galaxy Watch 3 is the company’s flagship smartwatch, and it comes with a variety of enhanced features and sensors, as well as design that reduces the infamously large smartwatch bezel. 

Ultimately, however, the Galaxy Watch 3 isn’t a smartwatch I’d recommend to most people, at least not at its starting price of $399.99. It’s just such a high price for lots of uncertainty around the advanced features, and there are other cheaper smartwatches like the $229.99 Samsung

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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