Silicon Valley antitrust lawyer Gary Reback

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Antitrust seems to be back in fashion as a topic of concern in Washington, DC, particularly after Congress harangued the heads of four leading tech companies earlier this summer about their alleged anticompetitive moves.

But any real effort to promote competition and constrain monopolies is going to require a major reassessment — and quite possibly a revamping — of laws, policies, and personnel, said antitrust law expert Gary Reback.

Federal judges, under the influence of conservative, pro-market academics, have significantly restricted what counts as anticompetitive behavior. Meanwhile, it’s unclear after years of bringing few antitrust cases whether the Department of Justice and Federal Trade Commission have the personnel they need to step up enforcement, Reback said.

The next Congress and whichever administration is in office next year are “going to have to figure out almost from scratch how they’re going to enforce the antitrust laws,” Reback told Business Insider in a recent interview.

Antitrust enforcement appears to be coming to a head. Federal enforcement officials and state attorneys general have been investigating four of the tech giants — Apple, Amazon, Facebook, and Alphabet — for more than a year. The Department of Justice reportedly is gearing up to file …read more

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