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If you have an Android device or tablet that supports Google Assistant, you can use Google Voice Match to give your device commands. Whether you’re looking for directions to a specific location, want to set an alarm or calendar reminder, or play music, you can do so by simply speaking the command aloud. 

Of course, you’ll need to know how to instruct Google to perform these tasks, so here is a list of common commands you can use to get the most out of your Google Assistant-enabled device. 

Note: You’ll need to say “Hey, Google…” before giving the commands below. 

Google voice commands to control music

Google Assistant can not only play music on a linked music app (i.e. Spotify) but it can identify a song that’s playing or even turn on a radio station.

Play music: “Play [artist]” or “play [song].”

Identify music: “What’s this song?” 

Play music radio: “Play [radio station].”

Read books or watch movies from Google Play: “Watch [movie]” or “Play [audiobook].”

Google voice commands to get directions

Google can use Google Maps to help you find addresses, navigate to certain places, and more. 

Get directions: “Navigate to [place]” or “Directions to [place].”

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