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Apple’s latest move in its developer war has enraged its biggest adversaries, Spotify, Match Group, and Epic Games.

Apple on Wednesday announced that it’s cutting the commission it takes on in-app purchases from 30% to 15%, but only for small developers.

The fee cut only applies to developers whose apps generated $1 million or less over the past year. This means three of its most vocal critics — Spotify, Match Group, and “Fortnite” maker Epic Games — do not qualify for the cut, and they reacted angrily to the news on Wednesday.

“Apple’s anti-competitive behavior threatens all developers on iOS, and this latest move further demonstrates that their App Store policies are arbitrary and capricious,” music-streaming giant Spotify said in a statement to Business Insider.

The in-app payment fees have been at the center of a bitter fight with developers for more than a year and have exposed the company to antitrust scrutiny. 

Spotify filed an antitrust complaint against the iPhone-maker in March 2019, claiming it’s anticompetitive for Apple to inflate Spotify’s prices on iOS while simultaneously launching a competing service, Apple Music.

The complaint resulted in the EU opening an investigation into the App Store.

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