The purple graphs show data from Eastern Washington; the green graphs are for Western Washington.

Washington state was able to “flatten the curve” earlier this year when COVID-19 began spreading. Now health officials are hoping for the same amid another pandemic surge.

COVID-19 cases hit a record high Tuesday with more than 2,600 positive tests across the state. Gov. Jay Inslee announced Sunday that indoor social gatherings and indoor dining will be banned until Dec. 14, among other restrictions.

During a weekly media call Wednesday, officials urged residents to wear masks, stay at least six feet away from one another, and avoid gatherings to help lower the risk of overwhelming healthcare systems.

“Each of us must take immediate action to avoid catastrophic consequences,” said Secretary of Health John Wiesman.

The graph shows the effective reproductive rate, or the number of people that an infected individual will pass the disease to.

Washington State Health Officer Dr. Kathy Tofy discussed new projections from the Institute of Disease Modeling. The graph below shows two scenarios: what could happen to COVID-19 hospitalization admissions if the estimated transmission rate on Nov. 1 persists (red shade), and what could happen if Inslee’s restrictions help slow transmission as they did …read more

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