Arturo Sánchez, founder and CEO, Sofía

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Index Ventures has made its first major investment in Latin America by backing Mexico City-based Sofía’s $19 million Series A.

Sofía is a Mexican healthtech company founded in 2018. The company provides app-based telehealth services ranging from primary and preventative medical access, insurance subscriptions, and video consultations. 

The company saw traction during the coronavirus pandemic and the trend towards better digital health options is here to stay, according to the company’s CEO Arturo Sánchez.

“We’ve seen medical professionals quickly adopting telehealth services throughout the world as a result of the pandemic,” he told Business Insider. “I do believe that we’re seeing the first iterations of remote care products and I’m convinced that tech-centric companies are best positioned to iterate and keep expanding what is possible in this new normal and into the post-Covid world.”

The funding round closed pre-pandemic but much of the due diligence took place remotely, according to Sánchez.

Funds will be used to continue to scale the startup’s offering and increase headcount. “We are extremely bullish on the talent in Mexico and more broadly across Latin America,” Sánchez added. “Our goal is to be one of the iconic technology companies built in the region over the next decade, and so …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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