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If you want to know how many people work at Parler, the social network dedicated to free speech that’s currently enjoying a surge in popularity, don’t ask the company’s chief operating officer.

Jeffrey Wernick, who is also an investor in the company, told Insider he didn’t really know how many people the company employs, but guessed it was around 30 based on a recent report from the Wall Street Journal, which used aggregated LinkedIn data to make its estimate. 

“The exact head count, I don’t know,” Parler’s COO insisted in a lengthy, and at times testy, phone conversation with Business Insider on Tuesday. Wernick opened the call by shouting a litany of recriminations: He was upset by reporters’ efforts to learn more about Parler, and in particular, about its connection to the right wing of American politics. 

“You people at Business Insider are the worst,” Wernick yelled. 

Wernick, who said he invested in Parler because of its free-speech mission, was frustrated that his company was being painted as a right-wing platform by media outlets, including Business Insider, which has reported on Parler’s popularity with conservatives and extremists alike. “We’re not a right-wing conservative site,” he said. “We’re a public square.” 

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