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The Fortnite Season 4 live event will be bringing Galactus to the island, and if what Epic Games is saying is true, then this will end up being a pretty life-changing event for those of us still on the island.

Fortnite leakers have already hyped this up as the biggest thing we’ve seen yet in the game, and on November 21, Epic Games released a short blog post confirming the time of the live event and gave us some details about it.

Big events like this will usually require players to log in a bit before the festivities begin due to the sheer number of players who plan on checking it out, and Epic is encouraging players to show up an hour early.

Something that has players thinking the game will go offline immediately after the event, whether that’s through a black hole or something else, is because of the wording Epic used in their blog post. Let’s take a look.

Why There Could Be a Black Hole

Epic GamesPerhaps the Silver Surfer can help.

For several of the live events, players were able to hop right into more Fortnite matches shortly after the show concluded, but it’s …read more

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