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Blockchain. Machine learning. Alternative data. Climate change. 

It seems like Arbol Market, a new insure-tech platform, is hitting every buzzword, and the startup’s quick growth is proving there’s a market for its products. 

Arbol was founded by Sid Jha, a former quant at Ken Griffin’s Citadel who brought a machine-learning approach to trading commodities, and his brother Osho Jha, the firm’s chief data scientist who has worked at data shops like M Science and asset managers like BlackRock and J. Goldman & Co. The start-up began in 2019, after Sid and Osho left Citadel and J. Goldman & Co., respectively. 

The platform operates in a pretty straightforward way: It connects people and businesses, like farmers and cruise ship operators, most at risk of climate change hurting their bottom lines with investors like hedge funds and reinsurers willing to offer protection. Unlike most insurers here is no back-and-forth between the two parties, and Arbol never handles the money. Arbol is not technically an insurer yet, though it is in the process of becoming one so it can develop more products and expand to more jurisdictions.

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Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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