One of the big features of Fortnite Season 5 that was introduced is Sand Tunneling, a new function that would allow you to burrow underneath the sand a move across the middle area quickly.

However, just over a month into the new season, it feels like this feature has been disabled longer than it has been active. It’s not a major loss as players never really got a chance to grow accustomed to the change, but it’s still disappointing.

The latest removal of Sand Tunneling comes on the heels of a game-breaking bug that let players stay underground but still retain the ability to build and drop items. Epic has been rather quiet since the vaulting, but it appears the feature is set to come back soon.

Look Forward to the Next Update

We’ve temporarily disabled Sand Tunneling on the Island while we investigate an issue. We will let everyone know when this feature returns

— Fortnite Status (@FortniteStatus) December 22, 2020

For anybody who is waiting for Sand Tunneling to return, then they might want to pay close attention to the Fortnite Trello board.

There, players will discover that this feature is set to …read more

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