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Stream sniping is an opportunistic tactic in online gaming when a viewer exploits information by watching the livestream of someone they’re playing against.

It’s a simple trick, but stream sniping can result in an experience so frustrating that it can send a livestreamer into expletive-addled rages that get them banned from Twitch.

What to know about stream sniping

Stream sniping is a sort of gaming “hack,” except you don’t need special hardware or years of coding expertise to perform it. All a stream sniper needs is a bit of luck since they can’t guarantee they’ll be in a game with someone who is livestreaming. 

But once they’ve established that, the act of stream sniping is simple: They simply tune into the target’s stream on another screen and wreak havoc in the game with their unfair, lopsided information advantage.

The advantage a stream sniper has is nothing to scoff at — that window into another player’s gameplay can make a difference, and it’s even a bannable offense when used in some instances, like one streamer did in Twitch’s Rivals competition.

How to prevent and mitigate stream sniping

Some games, like “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War,” have measures to …read more

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