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Parler, a social media haven for Trump supporters, has been awash in violent rhetoric since the U.S. Capitol mayhem on Wednesday. Some users have lauded the rioters as “patriots,” and suggesting that the “war” isn’t over.

On Friday,Apple threatened to boot the social network from its App Store within 24 hours if it doesn’t clean up its service. Meanwhile, Google suspended Parler from its Google Play app store, saying it won’t reinstate the service until the violent comments are removed.

Parler’s traffic rose rapidly last year after Twitter and Facebook started more aggressively labeling and removing posts because of misinformation, discrimination, and incitement to violence. As a result, Trump supporters, including high-profile conservatives like Texas Sen. Ted Cruz, Fox News talk show host Sean Hannity, and conservative political commentator Dan Bongino flocked to the service.

Parler, founded in 2018, takes a more lax approach to policing its site. It allows indecent content as long as it conveys news, personal experiences, or to make political statements.

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Source:: Fortune.com – Tech


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