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A laptop stand can make your home workstation more comfortable and ergonomic, especially if you have a secondary monitor.

The Rain Design mStand360 is the best laptop stand of all the models we considered, with its 360-degree swivel base and sturdy design.

But choosing the right laptop stand for you all comes down to your specific needs and workflow. 
Some stands are more portable and better-suited for travelers, for example.

For some people, using a laptop equals back pain, neck pain, and headaches. If this describes you, don’t blame the laptop. 

Instead, these problems are almost certainly related more to your work setup, which includes your desk, chair, and other factors in addition to your laptop setup.

To deal with these problems, we’d suggest swapping the ibuprofen for a laptop stand (also called a laptop riser). The stand will make the laptop more comfortable to use, limiting the aches and pains. According to Dohrmann Consulting, making workstations more ergonomic helps people stay pain-free, leading to fewer missed workdays and more productivity during work times.

Now think about how you sit at a desk and work on a laptop. As

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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