The robotics revolution in farming is set to continue as the autonomous crop cultivation company FarmWise looks to add new capabilities to its autonomous farming equipment.

The San Francisco-based company is currently testing the application of fungicides and insecticides to row crops as an additional capability for its weed-killing robots, according to company chief executive Sébastien Boyer.

It’s the latest advancement in robotics for the farm — a market that’s becoming increasingly crowded with the launch of new companies like Future Acres, which launched its support robot Carry today, and Mineral, the spinout from Alphabet (Google’s parent company) that provides crop analysis.

Alphabet’s latest moonshot is a field-roving, plant-inspecting robo-buggy

Rather than sell robots directly to farmers, FarmWise sells its robotics services to farms, and charges farms roughly $200 per acre inspected and weeded. “We show up on farmers’ fields with our own operators and our own equipment,” Boyer said.

It’s a business model that has attracted $24 million in outside funding from firm’s including Playground Global and the company is likely going to raise another round, targeted at $20 million, later this year, according to Boyer.

FarmWise and its weed-pulling agribot harvest $14.5M in funding

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Source:: TechCrunch


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