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Senators grilled top tech executives about the sprawling SolarWinds cyberattacks during a hearing Tuesday that brought widespread support for new cooperation between the cybersecurity industry and government.

The Intelligence Committee hearing was the Senate’s first inquiry into the massive hack that compromised hundreds of US companies and nine major government agencies. Hackers implanted malware into widely used software distributed by SolarWinds, which the cybersecurity firm FireEye first discovered in December.

The CEOs of those two companies testified, as well as the CEO of CrowdStrike, a cybersecurity firm investigating the attacks, and Brad Smith, the president of Microsoft. The hearings did not bring many new revelations about the attacks – while the executives testifying generally supported the widely-held belief that Russia was behind the attacks, they were also careful to note that this theory remains unproven. It’s also still unknown how the attacks began.

But the hearings did signal how the nation will move forward from what senators and executives speculated may be the largest cyberattacks in history – including new legislation, a potential new federal agency, and new ways of pushing back against foreign adversaries.  

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Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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