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Seattle-based cloud startup Pulumi has poached three former Amazon Web Services executives for its team over the past few months.

Pulumi helps developers easily build and manage applications on any cloud — including AWS, Microsoft Azure, or Google Cloud — and automatically manage the resources needed to run those apps. It’s become a rising star in Seattle’s tech startup scene, and just announced a $37.5 million Series B round last October. 

Now, Pulumi has brought on new executives from AWS to help it grow, bringing on chief marketing officer Jay Wampold in August, director of product marketing George Huang in December, and vice president of marketing Aaron Kao in January.

Wampold called Seattle the “cloud capital of the world,” given that it’s home to cloud giants like AWS and Microsoft, making it a ripe place for startups to build cloud technology and attract top talent.

“We’ve got great cloud talent no matter where you look, no matter whether it’s AWS, Microsoft, or Google Cloud,” Pulumi CEO and cofounder Joe Duffy told Insider. “There are great emerging startup cultures.”

Pulumi’s new executives share what they learned at AWS

Wampold was the first head of marketing at the Seattle-based startup Chef, which has since been …read more

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