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As COVID-19 sent everyone retreating to social isolation and virtual gatherings, it proved particularly difficult for the performers and musicians who rely on live events to make a living. The pandemic has also made us all really tired of virtual gatherings.

Prefunq is a new service designed to combat so-called “Zoom fatigue” and put artists back to work in front of an audience — even if the audience is still virtual as we all wait for the day when clubs and concerts become a real thing again.

Prefunq founder Tim Keck. (Photo courtesy of Tim Keck)

Who’s behind it: Tim Keck is the former publisher of The Stranger newspaper in Seattle and later president of Index Newspapers, where he also ran the Portland Mercury. Since November he’s been focused solely on EverOut, a spinout website derived from the events listings of those two publications.

Keck started EverOut’s Prefunq as a way to support artists who were struggling with an abrupt loss of income, and as a way to spice up his own staff meetings. Through friends and contacts, he started helping to facilitate virtual performances for a variety of businesses that were conducting gatherings online.

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