Historically, the transmasculine community has been neglected by the fashion world. But Both& is a new brand looking to offer clothing tailored specifically for transmasculine bodies.

The company was founded by Finnegan Shepard, a trans man who started Both& after going through top surgery and feeling like he still couldn’t find clothing that fit his body. The items are designed to emphasize a masculine figure, disguise bindings, and the line is size inclusive.

The general idea is that our clothing is a representation of who we are, and no one should have their clothing options limited based on their body.

Both& is fully bootstrapped and sells direct to consumer through the website. The strategy is to do super small batches of capsule lines, with the first going on pre-order today.

The first line is comprised of three basic t-shirts.

The Finnegan is an everyday basics shirt. The Tyla is similar to the Finnegan, but has a ribbed sleeve cuff for a tighter fit around the biceps. The Khazeel is designed for an oversize fit, and is designed to cover bindings and appear boxy. These items range from $39 to $45.

Both& wants to start with simple designs and forget about color and prints for now.

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Source:: TechCrunch


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