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Narrator: Before we get a new iPhone, we get an Apple keynote.

Tim Cook: We’ve got some really exciting things to share with you, and we’re gonna have some fun along the way.

Narrator: Apple has been holding this style of presentation for over 20 years. But it isn’t just showing new products; it’s telling a story. Over the years, the presentation has gotten flashier, but the story hasn’t changed.

The keynotes always open with a video, which conveys a theme or idea that the keynote echoes. It’s the introduction to the story. But it usually isn’t about products. It’s about imagination, accessibility, or even New York City.

♪ I happen to like New York. I happen to like this town ♪

Apple includes several more videos throughout its presentation. These build suspense leading up to a product reveal. And make a product feel larger than life.

Then, it’s time for a history lesson. Tim Cook takes the stage, says “good morning.”

Cook: Good morning.

Narrator: And shows how Apple has been in your life for years. He also explains the positive impact Apple has had. Part of that impact is growing communities. Apple products aren’t presented as just …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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