As remote work became the default for many companies during the pandemic, it’s maybe no surprise that services like Microsoft’s Windows Virtual Desktop, which gives users access to a fully managed Windows 10 desktop experience from virtually anywhere, saw a lot of interest from large enterprises and a new crop of small businesses that suddenly had to find ways to better support their remote workers. That’s pretty much what Microsoft saw, too, which had originally targeted Windows Virtual Desktop at some of the world’s largest enterprises. And so as the user base changed, Microsoft’s vision for the product changed as well, leading it to now changing its name from Windows Virtual Desktop to Azure Virtual Desktop.

“When we first went GA with Windows Virtual Desktop, about a year and a half ago, the world was a very different place,” said Kam VedBrat, Microsoft’s general manager for Azure Virtual Desktop. “And to be blunt, we looked at the service and what we were building, who we were building it for, pretty differently. No one at that time had any idea that this global pandemic was going to happen and that it would cause so many organizations around the world and millions …read more

Source:: TechCrunch


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