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1. Jeff Bezos will be flying into space with his brother on July 20. The two plan to be on the first human flight of Blue Origin’s New Shepard spacecraft. He’s not the only one with big plans for space exploration — here’s how his ideas compare with Elon Musk’s and Richard Branson’s.

2. Apple just unveiled its iOS 15 software update. Likely available for download this fall, the update will include things like adding your photo ID or hotel key to the wallet app, and upgrades to Maps and FaceTime. Take a look at the biggest changes coming to iPhones.

3. Miami’s tech transplants are feuding with the city’s OG tech community. A newcomer’s tweet ignited a spat between the two groups, and Miami’s established leaders are taking issue with newbies’ “savior complex.” Now, Miami’s mayor is caught in the crosshairs — here’s what to know about the drama.

4. Your streaming bill is about to get more expensive. As the industry consolidates and platforms are snapping up libraries of exclusive content, experts say streaming will come at …read more

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