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A day after Jeff Bezos announced he would be heading to space, a startup founded by one of his ex-employees has raised $650 million at an estimated $4.15 billion valuation.

Relativity Space designs and 3D-prints rockets and wants to be part of the dream of humans existing on Mars. The Los Angeles-based startup was cofounded by Tim Ellis, formerly an engineer at Jeff Bezos’ commercial space company Blue Origin.

“I am incredibly excited by all the interest in space and the number of disruptive companies forming in the industry right now,” Ellis said. “When we founded our company five years ago, we were inspired by SpaceX and their interplanetary mission.

“From the beginning, our vision for Relativity was to create a company that can build the industrial base on Mars once we get there and support a multiplanetary future.”

As an engineer at Blue Origin, Ellis spent additional time after work looking into the feasibility of 3D printing as a way to build complex rocket parts. He set up Relativity Space with Jordan Noone, an aerospace engineer.

The company is gearing up to launch its new 3D rocket iteration, Terran R (as seen below).

The 216-foot-tall rocket is set to be fully reusable …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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