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Under CEO Arvind Krishna, the 110-year-old IBM has been striving to reinvent itself in the enterprise technology and cloud computing markets, which have been dominated by the likes of Amazon, Microsoft, and Google. Krishna’s leadership, according to senior vice president Rob Thomas, marked the beginning of IBM’s transition to “becoming a technology company again.”

IBM’s 2019 purchase of open source software firm Red Hat for a whopping $34 billion was also a “defining moment,” Thomas previously told Insider, where the company put its stake in the ground as a software-first company, and began betting big on hybrid cloud and artificial intelligence. In AI specifically, Krishna has said IBM is no longer addressing general use cases for the tech, and is instead focused on solving business problems.

Part of IBM’s reinvention also includes growing its 350,000-strong employee base to include top engineering talent in cloud, hybrid cloud, and AI, as well as fields like strategy, consulting, and business analysis. The company has also hired specialists to manage its IT operations and use of Oracle, SAP, and Salesforce software products.

Like other American companies, IBM is required to disclose salary information when it applies for H-1B …read more

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