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The US lags behind European and Asian competitors in using artificial intelligence for manufacturing, new research from Google Cloud has found. And the search giant’s cloud arm is making a big bet that companies will plunge into AI in an effort to catch up as COVID-19 slowly recedes. 

The US was last in prioritizing AI as a company objective, trailing France, the UK, Italy, Germany, Korea and Japan, Google Cloud said in research released Wednesday. “It’s quite astonishing to see how large this gap is,” Dominik Wee, global head of manufacturing at Google Cloud, told Insider. Wee noted that it seems to stem from manufacturing reluctance to adopt evolving technology “on the shop floor.”

But that is changing as the nation rebounds from the COVID-19 economic downturn. Google Cloud believes US companies will embrace its connected-device technology and vast data sets to bring more AI to American factory floors. The data and connected-devices tools can be used to create automated processes and improve production in key ways. 

AI on factory floors is often used for predictive maintenance, warning companies when to address machine repairs – before assembly lines break down. Companies can also build “digital twins” of factories, replicating the …read more

Source:: Businessinsider – Technology


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