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Uber is struggling to recruit enough drivers, but the company has other workforce problems to worry about. New internal figures show full-time employees have been leaving at a concerning pace.

In recent weeks, Uber executives including human resources chief Nikki Krishnamurthy have had to answer employee questions about the company’s elevated turnover rate. A number of executives and managers have left, including Haider Sabri, head of driver engineering at Uber Eats, Mads Johnsen, who led Uber’s business-focused products, and others at the director level and above.

The trend goes beyond management. In June, Uber’s overall attrition rate was about 20%, according to figures shared with Insider. Within Eats specifically, the figure was slightly higher. Those rates are well above the usual level in the teens, people familiar with the figures say. They asked not to be identified as they were discussing sensitive internal data. 

Companies typically calculate these attrition rates by dividing the number of employees who have left over a period by overall head count, then annualizing it across 12 months. Uber’s June attrition rate means that over the course of the next year a fifth of its workforce will leave if recent trends continue. Uber declined to comment. 

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