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Supply-chain attacks have dented the global economy over the past year. Interos CEO Jennifer Bisceglie saw it coming – 16 years ago. And now some of the biggest names in cybersecurity are rewarding her startup with $100 million in funding. 

Bisceglie’s supply-chain security company Interos, which uses artificial intelligence to monitor physical and cyber threats, is pulling in a $100 million Series C round on Thursday, taking it to a valuation of over $1 billion. She founded the company in 2005, and its total prior funding was $25.8 million. 

Supply-chain risk has always been a problem, but now it’s in the global spotlight.  

Headlines about supply-chain attacks may have whizzed by you multiple times over the past year – SolarWinds, Microsoft Exchange Server, Colonial Pipeline, JBS meatpacking, and Kaseya IT have all been hit by attacks that extended risk to their customers and partners around the world. Many didn’t even know if they were affected. 

Interos’ cloud-based platform uses AI to create a real-time global map capable of zooming in on  any single supplier, anywhere, with analysis of how your company connects to it, and what the risks of that connection are. Its phones are ringing off the …read more

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