fortnite zero point tease

If the rumors are true, and it’s certainly looking like they are, then Fortnite Chapter 2, Season 8 will be the final season of this chapter as we turn the page on something new.

Various Fortnite leakers have said this is the final season of Chapter 2 and we’ll be going straight into Chapter 3 in December, which means the timing is perfect for all sorts of changes to come to the game.

Last time we got a new chapter, it came with new mechanics like fishing, but it also gave us an entirely new map. There’s little reason to not suspect that to be the case yet again, and this is a chance for Fortnite to sort of reinvent itself for a whole new audience as well as the existing one.

Here are seven things we want to see happen in Chapter 3.

1. New Map

Epic Games

It goes without saying that this map leaves a lot to be desired among players. It feels like it’s been the same for several seasons now and there haven’t been a lot of new POIs this chapter when compared to the previous one.

A new map would likely give us an entirely new set of …read more

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