IT services and hardware have become a top sustainability priority for most companies, but many aren’t sure about the efficiency of data storage in terms of sustainability and carbon footprint, new research has found.

This is according a new report from Fujifilm, based on a poll of 1,200 C-suite execs from Japan, the US, Germany, and China.  It adds that businesses are “vastly underestimating” the environmental impact of the energy that’s required to support such high storage volumes, as well as the subsequent carbon emissions, Fujifilm says. 

By 2025, the world will have generated more than 11 zettabytes of data, a separate report from market analysts IDC claims, and with this growth will rise the demand for data storage. Among those who are yet to consider eco-friendlier data storage options, more than a third said they lacked awareness of the issue, or didn’t understand it, to begin with. 

Can tape storage help climate change?

With energy consumed by data centers growing “at an alarming rate”, tape storage is emerging as one of the possible solutions, according to Fujifilm president, Hironobu Taketomi. 

“Fujifilm looks forward to working with other industry stakeholders to identify solutions, such as tape storage, that can …read more

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