A new sticker-creation option was spotted in a beta version of the latest WhatsApp desktop app. When it rolls out on a wider scale, it will mean you no longer need to rely on third-party apps or sticker packs. In other words, if you like the idea of transforming your wedding photo into a sticker to share in chats, go for it.

News of the tool for creating stickers was first shared on Twitter by Mukul Sharma:

WhatsApp to get ‘create your own stickers’ feature soon, spotted in beta.https://t.co/37KWUM2WBL pic.twitter.com/8UiKCgtTP6November 24, 2021

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Sure, the bulk of communication carried out in messaging apps is textual – at least in chats that aren’t video calls – but emoji also play an important role in conveying ideas and feelings. More recently apps such as WhatsApp have introduced stickers to take emoji to the next level as means of expression.

WhatsApp includes a decent range of built-in stickers, and you can add to your collection by installing sticker packs. These can be free or paid for, but you may well have found it difficult to track down sticker packs you really like. It seems WhatsApp has quietly introduced an answer to your prayers.

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