Google Doodle celebrates Stephen Hawking’s birthday: Google celebrated the 80th birth anniversary of renowned late English theoretical physicist, cosmologist and author, Stephen Hawking with a specially curated Doodle. The animated video designed after approval by his associates takes users through the life and works of Hawking with the narration in his voice. In the doodle Google describes him as one among history’s ‘most influential scientific minds’

Hawking, born in a family of physicians in England’s Oxford had deep interest in the universe from a young age. At the age of 21 he was diagnosed with a slowly progressing neurodegenerative disease that got him completely wheelchair bound over the years. He lost his speech and switched to speech-generating device. “Although I had to speak through a computer, in my mind I am free.” he says in the video

Hawking’s theories on black holes, Big Bang revolutionised modern Physics. Moreover, his book “Brief History of Time” made the science about cosmos accessible to millions of readers worldwide, Google said. His goal was ‘complete understanding of the universe’ and his understanding said, ‘perfection doesn’t exist, even black holes are not completely black after all.’

His scientific works included gravitational singularity theorems in respect to general relativity …read more

Source:: The Financial Express – Science


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