Credits: NASA GSFC/CIL/Adriana Manrique Gutierrez

 NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope team has fully deployed its 21-foot gold-plated primary mirror, completing the final phase of all major spacecraft deployments in preparation for scientific operations. 

As a joint effort with the European Space Agency (ESA) and the Canadian Space Agency, the Webb mission will explore every phase of cosmic history, from  the solar system to the most distant observable galaxies in the early universe.

NASA Administrator Bill Nelson commented on the development: “Today NASA has achieved another engineering milestone that has lasted for decades. While the journey is not over, I am joining the Webb team to breathe a little easier and envision future advances that are determined. ”To inspire the world. The James Webb Space Telescope is an unprecedented mission that is about to see the light of the first galaxies and unravel the mysteries of our universe. Every achievement and every achievement in the future  is  testament to the thousands of innovators who put their  passion for life into this mission. 

The two wings of Webb’s primary mirror were bent prior to launch to fit into the nose cone of an Arianespace Ariane 5 rocket. After more than a week of other critical …read more

Source:: TechCrunch


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