IKEA’s Symfonisk bookshelf speaker is reportedly being upgraded, though it doesn’t sound like the audio performance is getting a boost.

Spotted by Dutch tech website Tweakers the new bookshelf speaker (which costs the same as its previous iteration) will receive upgrades to its processor and memory to help it run faster, and its energy consumption while on standby is set to drop from 2.55W to 2.05W. 

You’ll also notice that its external buttons have been subtlety rearranged and that the power cable is now 2m instead of 1.5m – making it easer to connect the speaker to a faraway plug socket.

However, unlike the store page that promoted the September 2021 upgrade to the Symfonisk table lamp, the new bookshelf entry makes no mention of enhanced audio performance – suggesting that this is one area users won’t see be improved.

We had the chance to review the original Symfonisk bookshelf speaker back in 2019 and found that it was a worthwhile and budget-friendly entry into the excellent Sonos ecosystem, even if it lacked the audio finesse you’d achieve with a device like the Sonos One.

That being said the Sonos One costs double the …read more

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