India is close to meeting the 40% target for green power share in installed capacity (Under 2015 Paris accord, this is to be met by 2030). But since the gap between green power capacity and production from these sources is characteristically larger than the same for conventional fossil-based units, the country has still a long way to go before attaining a similar level for renewable energy share in actual power generation.

When the target of having 40% installed power capacity from non-fossil fuel based sources by 2030 was set in the 2015 Paris climate agreement, the share of such power plants in the country’s electricity capacity was just 29%. Although the share of non-emitting sources in the installed power capacity has now reached 38.5%, these plants are producing less than 23% of electricity generated in the country. When the Paris agreement was signed, around 16% of electricity came from such plants.

If large hydro-electric power sources are excluded, the installed capacity of renewable energy (RE) sources — mainly solar and wind — has increased 127% since FY16 to the current level of 104 giga-watt (GW). Electricity generated by these stations have recorded a 94% growth. It is mainly because of the intermittency …read more

Source:: The Financial Express – Science


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