Google’s Wear OS smartwatches have never been built for left-handed people, but a new update is set to mean future smartwatches running the software will be a touch easier to use.

Spotted by journalist Mishaal Rahman, an update to the Google Issue Tracker confirms the company is working on a feature that will allow you to rotate the screen 180 degrees.

The idea is you’ll be able to wear your watch on the right wrist, but upside down. Most smartwatches come with the buttons on the right, which can make them harder to reach, so switching the orientation would allow your buttons to be on the left.

Lefties rejoice: Google will finally add an option to rotate the screen in Wear OS by 180°. If you wear your smartwatch on your right wrist, this may come in handy. Ultra_HR on Reddit 11, 2022

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A user complained on the Google Issue Tracker in 2018 that it wasn’t possible to switch the screen. The person said, “My android wear watch has buttons on one side. and i would like to wear the watch upside down on my other arm (i am left handed.)”

The comment is from 2018, so that’s …read more

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